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Ask yourself these questions:

What if there was a future for you, better than you ever imagined? And what if you had someone to walk you through the exact actions to get there? 

Past experiences that made you who you are

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What do you want?

Why do you want it?

how are you getting there?

Who are you taking with you?

Your life if nothing changes

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At the core of our coaching philosophy lies a simple yet profound precept: the trajectory of your life is determined by the actions you take today. Just as your current habits and decisions have shaped your present circumstances, they also pave the way for your future outcomes.

Consider this: if your diet consists of cheetos and coke, the likely outcome is a struggle with weight and health issues. Conversely, a commitment to daily exercise and nutritious eating sets the stage for a healthier, more vibrant life. It's all about the choices we make and the actions we take.

But what if you desire a different future? What if you aspire to reach new heights in your personal and professional life? This is where intentional action and guidance become paramount.

Guiding  Leaders to Greater Results

As your leadership coach, I facilitate a journey of self discovery and transformation. Together, we delve into the fundamental questions: What do you truly desire? Why does it matter to you? And most importantly, how will you bring your vision to fruition?

Navigating the path from your predicted future to your preferred future requires strategic planning and incremental changes. Just like adjusting the course of an airplane by a few degrees can lead to an entirely different destination, small shifts in your mindset and behavior can yield profound results.

However, the journey is not without its challenges. The gravitational pull of old habits and familiar patterns often threatens to derail progress. This is where the role of a coach becomes indispensable.

Drawing from my expertise as a certified John Maxwell leadership coach, community engagement trainer, and former pastor, I offer a unique blend of insight, support, and accountability. Together, we craft a personalized roadmap tailored to your goals, leveraging proven strategies and actionable steps.

When obstacles arise and doubts creep in, I serve as your steadfast ally, reminding you of your why and fortifying your resolve. With each session, we bridge the gap between your current reality and your envisioned future, inching closer towards your fullest potential.

Embark on this journey with me, and let's transform your aspirations into tangible achievements. Together, we'll unlock new levels of success, fulfillment, and impact. Your preferred future awaits – are you ready to seize it?

Nick Edwards, Leadership Coach

Let's make an impact

Nick Edwards, Leadership Coach

"...nick has made a huge impact on our company."

Working with Nick the last few months has been tremendous for me personally and has made a huge impact on our company. Not only am I becoming a better leader I am empowering my team to be better leaders as well. The DISC training has been very beneficial for everyone in our organization. We will continue to use Nick for the foreseeable future!

-John Tracy, Tracon Construction

"Working with Nick & I cannot be happier! "

I have been working with Nick for several months now and cannot be happier. He has helped me implement systems, routines, goals, budgeting, and overall organization. Also with the use of DISC assessments I have learned better communication skills and got to know my team even better.

-Cale Staton, Rollo Insurance 

"I highly recommend investing in yourself"

I've had the honor of being a part of a Mastermind Class. I have also taken the DISC Profile as well. They both have been an impact for me on a leadership and personal level. I highly recommend you invest in yourself by reaching out to Nick. I look forward to the many more opportunities that Nick has to offer.

-Gilbert Valdez, John Maxwell Team

"If you want to be intentional, this is the team"

I had and have the privilege of working with Nick in a few contexts. It started off over a year ago with business coaching and about 5 meetings into meeting together to review my probable vs. preferred futures. Nick & Lesley now coach my Wife and I and Nick continues to coach me as I strive to be a better Man, Husband, Dad & Business owner.

-Roger Ferrell, CEO Finishing Touch Window Coverings

"It is worth every Dollar"

Nick, is the ultimate professional. He has vast experience in leading teams and leading leaders. I have been working with him for a number of years and consider him as part of our leadership team. Don’t hesitate to take the next step, it is worth every $. The cost of not working with him is substantial in the long run!

Ryan Wileman, Wileman Insurance

"His leadership training was game changing "

Our church hired Nick to come in and work with our churches leadership team. His leadership training was GAME CHANGING for us! Dude knows what he is talking about.

-Kyle Stewart, Pastor at Endeavor Church